STM32 WLE5C Breakout

This OSH Park project is a starting point for a few different projects that will use the STM32 WLE5 series of sub-GHz RF Cortex-M4 processors.

The complete WLE5C schematic
STM32 WLE5C Breakout schematic

It’s (very) small, to fit in small places, with 0.05″ headers. But it has all the pins broken out for anything I need to do. There is also a baseboard with more usual 0.1″ pitch connectors to help prototyping.

STM32 WLE5C Breakout, with baseboard and US Quarter, UK Pound and Australian $2

Fresh off my soldering iron, I haven’t actually powered it on yet! I’ve tested that power and ground aren’t shorted, but other than that… wish me luck!